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Two Annotations


Northcentral University

Huesman Jr., R.L., Jones-White, D.R., Kellog, J.P., Radcliffe, P.M.(200). Redefining student

Success: Applying different multinomial regression techniques for the study of student

Graduation across institutions of higher education, Research In Higher Education, 51(2),

154-174. doi:10.1007/s11162-009-9149-4

This research study provides insights on the student’s success from three cohorts of freshmen students from a single institution. The research was conducted with a sample of 15,496 full time students during the years 1999-2001, Research of Higher Education, (2010). Using the Student Tracker Service they were able to identify the factors of student success. Considering multiple variables they modeled a four category outcome that led them to the limitations of the study. The results of the study include the generalizability of results, limited number of variables, source of information was not completed, and models did not establish a more complete pattern of enrollment. The authors agree that further work needs to be done in order to assess student success. This study reveals the advantages and disadvantages students have when enrolling in an institution for the first time, especially when their first choice is not given. It is necessary to understand the problems students face when they first enter an institution.

Téllez, K.(2011). A case study of a career in education that began with “Teach for America”.

Teaching Education, 22(1), 15-138.doi:10.1080/10476210.2010.541238

In this seven-year biographical study, Kip Téllez demonstrates how a bright young man, Steven, develops as a teacher without any professional pre-service education. Tellez is neither for or against the Teacher for America program in which Steven was recruited nor does he believe…...

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...that the misjudgment and failures that contributed to the murder of Carl Williams, which calls into question the liability of the Barwon Prison. In reference to safety to the members in the prison. This is demonstrated by the condemning and informative tone by Ferguson. Ferguson uses attacks by discrediting the opponents as unreliable and dishonest, to gain control over the opposition by using one or more of the means. ‘Monitoring systems were so poor that it took prison guards 27 minutes to find Williams body’. This shows the failures and deficiency of the Barwon prison security. Emotive language is also used by Ferguson by ‘he is serving a minimum 32 year term for the bashing of Williams to death with the metal bar from an exercise bike two years ago. This is used to create powerful images in the readers mind so that something appears more threatening, menacing or peaceful. Ferguson used these techniques such as emotive language, attacks and statistics to gain attention of the readers mind. To show them that the Barwon prison is downfall a failure to the eyes of the readers. Article 2 In the editorial by the editor ‘Failure of care, failure of state’ that appeared in the, The age on the 19 of April 2012 written by the editor. He contends that how is it possible that a high profile prisoner in Victoria’s highest security prison unit could be killed by an unsecured metal pipe from an exercise bike. This is shown by the strong and negative tone demonstrated by the......

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