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I could not imagine what would trigger a young boy and kill an unaware and innocent man with a gun.

I wonder what was going on in the young boy's mind as he peek through the telescope and take aim at the old man reading a

newspaper on a bench in the park.

It didn't take very long for the boy to pull the trigger and deliver the fatal shot that would end the victim's life forever. What a horrible sight!

Have we really all gone so bad that even our own children are turning against us?

Has society in every corner of the world been so out of touch that we do not care about others and we start living a life of predator and prey?

Survival of the fittest!

I am absolutely sure this young boy was not intentionally born and raised to be a murderer.

No parents would want their children in any way to be a professional murderer, gun for hire!

We have all from time to time witnessed disparaging and unbelievable acts of murder and violence, but nothing is more overwhelming

than children, young boys and girls perpetrating this hideous and dastardly act.

I would like to believe this young boy didn't do it on his own free will.

I would like to believe he is not alone but was forced to do this evil act.

I feel so bad and so sorry for the family of his victim who are probably at home waiting for him to be home that day.

We will all die eventually and death comes unexpectedly whether we like it or not.

I only pray that I live longer to spend more time with my dear wife, my beautiful children, relatives and…...

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