Unethical Business Research Conduct

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Unethical Business Research Conduct
The foundation of any research is trust. Professionals, organizations, and the public must be able to trust that research is being reported honestly, accurately, and free from bias. Questionable research misconduct can include poor data management, the failure to share data, questionable data selection methods, inadequate supervision of those conducting the research, and fiscal mismanagement ("Research Misconduct", 2012).
Recently a large case of research fraud was brought against Dr. Kipak K. Das by the University of Connecticut. The allegations of research fraud involve 26 articles published in 11 different journals claiming the health benefits of drinking red wine. According to the article, “University Suspects Fraud by a Researcher Who Studied Red Wine”, the university received anonymous allegations in January 2009 about irregularities in Dr. Das’ research. An investigation into Das’ research articles revealed 145 instances of fabrication and falsification of data (Wade, 2012). Allegations received by the university reference lab members manipulating figures, often at the request of Dr. Das, and digitally manipulating the experiments (western-blot images) done in the studies.
The fabrication and falsification of the research data will have a negative impact on Dr. Das’ reputation as a respectable doctor, could tarnish the name of the University of Connecticut, could harm those that rely upon this research data, and could also discredit the federal government in how they distribute grant money. Since Dr. Das was receiving federal grant money for his research he risks severe punishment that could have life-long damage to his career. The acts of Dr. Das violate the guidelines of the US Federal Government (45 CFR 689) and could result in imposed sanctions including debarment from receipt of future federal funding for 3…...

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