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UN security council and the obstacles facing its reform.
The United Nations Security council is a body that is responsible to maintain peace and security around the world. It is in need of reform after the end of World War 2 as the conditions of the international system has changed since the fall of the Soviet Union. (Keohane, 2006:6). To change the power distribution of the Security Council in an important organisation such as United Nations comes along with obstacles of the Security Council’s credibility that go beyond issues of process- exclusive permanent membership and the right to veto.
The security council comprises of 5 permanent members that have veto power, who are France, China, US, UK and Russia. There has been no reform to the UN charter in almost sixty years. (Weiss, 2003:147) with the exception of the 1965 expansion from 11 to 15 members, the efforts towards any reform has been impossible. This veto power countries are almost impossible to change as they have been powerful for way too long and will not give up their powers. At the end of the decolonisation in 1963, only six countries from Asia and Africa were UN members but after two decades more than half of UN’s members are from these continents. (Weiss, 2003: 149) The developing countries demanded a better representation of their opinions, numbers and priorities at the Security Council. This has yet to happen as there is no consensus about the exact shape and elimination of the veto. However, France, Russia and UK are no longer considered as super powers, their permanent status provides them with a veto power at the UN providing them with a say in the international politics.
Another problem facing the Security Council reform is the strength of US as it often tends to act irrationally and impulsively. (Weiss, 2003: 156) Critics of the US administrations say that military power should be based on…...

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