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The IEEE Computer Society is an organization that was established 62 years ago and is the premier organization of computing professionals. The organization is designed to help professionals keep up with the constantly changing field of computer science and also help those professionals move ahead in their careers. The Computer Society currently has about 85,000 members all over the world. Benefits of the organization include a subscription to Computer magazine, which covers all aspects of computer science, engineering, technology, and applications. There are also long distance courses available as well as free access to useful applications. All of these benefits will help to increase the professional abilities and knowledge of those who participate. The long distance courses allow those who are not close to a college campus or who maybe are close but the college does not offer the courses that are necessary to increase their knowledge. The ability to choose courses that are relevant to each individual also helps to provide necessary knowledge. IEEE Computer Society also encourages its members to become involved and help other members increase their effectiveness. There are peer review committees where members can work together from long distances to increase their productivity within the computer science field. With something as ever changing as the computer industry it is essential to have a way of communicating with others in the field. The IEEE website provides these outlets as well as ways for professionals to get together face to face at seminars. Every interaction that occurs between these members allows them to gain new perspective and insight in to the field. The organization takes the success of its members seriously and provides every means possible to help them achieve their goals. IEEE provides a “one stop destination for technology professionals at any stage of their career. With areas dedicated to anyone who seeks to get started, advance, transition, or become an entrepreneur, build your career features online technical courses, job listings, career news, certification information, and a wealth of other resources to develop your career.” (Build Your
Career, 2010). Professionals and those just starting their careers can benefit from the use of this organization. The website provides countless tools which can help members learn more about their profession. This increased knowledge and ability to work with other members of the community will help to increase the success of the members. Members are able to decide what tools they find most useful and find ways to apply them to their careers. As always the success of the individual is dependent on that individual but with the help and resources of the IEEE those individuals have a much better chance of success.…...

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