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8. Place--description of distribution channels (if a retailer, description of store location and physical appearance of store).What is the ideal market exposure level for this product? Where is the product located in the store? If a service, where is the service administered? Describe the relevant middlemen and retailers, if any. Since Splash N Dash Co. is indeed a manufacturing company, we will focus on distributing our product to large scale retailers. The ideal market exposure for our product is to go global. The product itself often appeals to watersport fans, so the majority of our marketing distribution channels will be directed toward areas located near large bodies of waters around the Globe. Dual distribution centers will be set up in different countries focusing more on coastline locations. Here in the US, along the east and west coasts, we have many popular beaches where different water sports such as surfing, wake boarding, and extreme fishing are practiced. In the East Coast, we will locate our larger distribution centers in the more popular beaches such as; Hampton Beach, Manhattan Beach, South Beach, Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, and Wrightsville beach. We have discovered that in some northern beaches such as Manhattan Beach, locales and travelers tend to stay out of the water due to pollution and extreme cold water temperatures. Hopefully, we can target market our product to these groups of people, as well as others, and position the product in their heads as a “need” to help them get back in the water.
Since we are a dual distribution center, consumers will be able to physically walk in our facilities and purchase to order, or rent their H2O Soulz. Intermediaries will perform different distribution functions including, selling and maintaining inventories. We will also be using methods of Electronic Marking Channels through our…...

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