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Use the internet to find out: 1- Types of storage devices and their strorage capacity + PICTURES (5 minimum) 2- The main advantages and disadvantages of each device (2 minimum) 3- Types of access and speed of access 4- The cost of storage device (IN LEBANON)

1A) Floppy Disk – 1.44MB

1B) USB 2/3/4 GB (depends on how much storage you want)

1C)Drop box 10GB limit

1D) iCloud 25000 photos per month and 10000 videos and pictures combined per day

1E)CD rom: 700MB

2) USB: Advantage: very affordable and costs less per megabyte than the floppy disk. Disadvantage: can be misplaced or lost easily because of size.
Icloud: Advantage: unlimited storage capability. Disadvantage: security and privacy might be accessed by unauthorized users.
3) Floppy Disk: obsolete USB: you access it by plugging it into a computer of device. It can be slow or fast depending on the USB.
Drop Box: You can download it on your laptop or phone. Its speed depends on your wifi. iCloud: You access it from your itunes account. Its saves everything on your devices that are connected to it. Its fast since its automatic.
CD Rom: Access it by putting it in a CD player. If it’s a 50x CD then the speed would be 10,000 r/min.
4) Floppy Disk: not available anymore. USB: depends on how much GB (25 dollars maximum) Drop Box: free (unless you want more storage space) iCloud: free (unless you want more storage space) CD Rom: 40…...

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