Virtual Meetings: Smart Management Analysis

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Virtual Meetings: Smart Management Analysis
Jeff Hebert
April 27, 2012
City University, Bellevue, WA
Virtual Meetings: Smart Management Analysis Teleconferencing and video conferencing are a technologies that allow individuals to conduct meetings virtually. A virtual meeting can be as simple as a multi person conference call, to a full blown video meeting with several individuals from all over the world. Technology advances and increases in travel costs have made virtual meetings an attractive option for both small and large businesses. However, companies must be aware of the risks of virtual meetings and implement proper precautions to avoid loss of intellectual property or sensitive company information. This paper will analyze case study Virtual Meetings: Smart Management (Laudon, K. & Laudon, J., 2012, pg 62)
The American Telephone and Telegraph introduced the concept of teleconferencing in the 1960s through its Picturephone device (Furnem 2007). Initial Picturephone’s were small Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) units with a small camera built into the housing. Many units were designed to sit on a desktop with the average unit size being approximately 6 inches. It would be several years before color would be available on the Picturephone (Wikipedia n.d.a). AT&T was one of the first to offer Picturephone service to businesses. Initial cost was high at approximately monthly cost of $169, plus 25 cents per minute after the first 30 minutes. (Wikipedia n.d.a). The high cost of use along with a slow scan picture rate greatly limited the appeal of the Picturephone. At its peak Picturephone service had about 500 subscribers, with the service fading away in the 1970s and finally ceasing in the mid 1970’s. Increase cost of travel along with advances in technology, mainly the internet, faster computer processors, smaller web cameras, and…...

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