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Yee Rae Sheen
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Feb 27, 2012
Visiting a Religious Service
I went to The Boston Synagogue on February 24th to attend their 6:30 p.m. Friday service. There were only seven people when I came in but they were friendly even though they seemed curious why I was there. When I told them I am just visiting for my class assignment, they seemed understanding and were pleased to answer my questions. As soon as I start writing, the lady said she knew it is going to happen so she was waiting to tell me but nobody can write in the Synagogue but memorize what they see and talk about. But the lady invited me to have a sweet wine and bread with them. After the service, people went to a social room and had conversations. I asked a guy if the bread and wine have certain meaning having Jesus giving out bread and wine to represent his body and blood but they were not related.
According to the people at the service, the Friday service usually takes from forty five mins to one hour. They start singing the prayers in the book called ‘Nashira Shabbat’, which goes in reverse way since the Hebrew is read from right to left and is composed of prayers from Psalms, and then talk about the Torah that they start reading from the beginning every year and finish reading and discussing by the end of the year. But the day I went to was special since the rabbi trainee wanted to sing only and talk about the Bible longer on the Saturday service, which goes about two and a half hours. The ‘Nashira Shabbat’ had Hebrew prayer, pronunciation of Hebrews in English, English translation, and explanation for the translation written in English. However, during the whole service, they sang in Hebrews. Therefore, the service was all Hebrew to me. The book does not have music notes but only the letters so I wondered how they sang all together. I asked the rabbi trainee and he said it is up to the…...

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