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What are your vocational objectives and how will your proposed plan of graduate study relate to them?

Computing has revolutionized both large scale corporations as well as small businesses. Where there are business strategies to increase profit and efficiency, computers are almost always involved. I would like to introduce myself as a computer science major with a high interest in the intricacies of the business world. I have a passion for developing software and working with computer systems and because the business world is so vast and complicated a mixture of the two would create the fun, challenging, and satisfying work environment that I crave. I had such a great experience acquiring my undergraduate computer science degree at the University of Delaware that I know I will be receiving a similarly professional and interesting experience if I am welcomed back as a graduate student.

In general, given my personality and work habits, I would like to be the employee in my future endeavors that is absolutely valuable to the organization I work for. Whether I am developing software or managing an entire IT system, having a business mindset and approach to the problems I will face will be useful and helpful aspect. It will be important as I think of solutions for my clients to realize they are doing business and if I can relate to and understand what they want, it will go a long way.

Graduating with my MBA, I plan to use my hybrid education of computer science and business to enter the work force as a computer scientist with a high awareness in how the business world runs. Short term I would be very interested in working for a company that values my hybrid education. Picturing my perfect job straight out of graduate school is difficult because I enjoyed a variety of computer science classes in undergraduate study in a variety of fields. During my…...

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