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Running head: Five Year Marketing

Five Year Marketing Plan Walmart
Sherry Smith
Baker College

Table of Contents I. Title Page 1 II. Table of Contents 2-3 III. Executive Summary 4 IV. Company Description 4-5 V. Strategic Focus and Plan 5 a) Mission Statement (Current) 5 b) New or Revised Mission Statement 5 i. Vision Statement (Current) 5 ii. New or Revised Vision Statement 5-6 c) Goals 6 1) Non-financial Goals 6 2) Financial Goals 6 d) Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage 6 VI. Situation Analysis 7 a) SWOT Analysis 7 b) Industry Analysis 7-8 c) Competitors 8 d) Company Analysis 8-9 e) Customer Analysis 9 VII. Market Product Focus 9 a) Marketing and Product Objectives 10-11 b) Target Markets 11 c) Points of Difference 11 d) Positioning 11-12 VIII. Marketing Program 12 a) Product Strategy 12 i. Product Line 12 ii. Unique Product Quality 12-13 iii. Packaging 13 b) Price Strategy 13 c) Promotion Strategy 13-14 d) Place (Distribution) Strategy 14 IX. Financial Data and Projections 14 a) Past Sales Revenues 14-15 b) Five-Year Projections 15-16 X. Organization 16-17 XI. Recommendation Plan 17 XII. Implementation Plan 17-21 XIII. Evaluation and Control 21 XIV. Conclusion 21-22 XV. Reference Page 23-24

III: Executive Summary This marketing plan aims at…...

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