Ways of Knowing

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Ways of Knowing

I firmly grasped my patient’s hand with my own, her breathing rattled through the oxygen mask with each labored gasp. The tourniquet tightly wrapped around her forearm, I ran the alcohol wipe over the precious vein that popped up on the top of her hand. Taking an artist’s grip of the IV catheter, I inserted the needle at a 45-degree angle into the vein. Once seeing the flash of blood in the catheter, the angle was lowered and the needle was advanced ever so slightly more to ensure the catheter had penetrated the lumen. I slipped the cannula off into the vein, pulled back the needle and disconnected. I calmly, but quickly, connected my primed line and opened up the valve, feeling that flood of excitement and relief as I watched the drops begin to fall in the drip chamber. I had just successfully inserted my first intravenous cannula, on the first try, on my own as a brand new nurse.
This experience was an amazing feeling, and when reflecting back on it I can see why I was successful as I relied on the empirics of nursing. This was of knowing was impressed on me in nursing school and is what I believe to be the core of every brand new nurse. To put this way of knowing sin understandable terms, it is the factual descriptions, explanations, and predictions that make up empirical knowing (Pipe, Wellik, Buchda, Hansen, & Martyn, 2005). The proper techniques for inserting an IV cannula had been described and explained to me in the classroom and clinical settings and I was able to accurately predict my success by following these explanations as I attempted this technique on my own. Using the empirical way of knowing, I was able to provide effective nursing care for my patient, but being successful on the first attempt and not having to subject them to the pain and stress of multiple failed attempts. Being a brand new…...

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