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One dozen trusted Web Apps

Web Apps are computer software applications which have right to use over the network like Internet and intranet. There are numerous web apps that are gaining popularity and are trusted by the users. These web apps provide compatibility to thousands of computer clients as it can be operated in any modern browser or mobile OS.
1. Money:
Money is termed as another food to survive in this world. Monetary balance is very essential to manage business and personal life online. To deal with the finances, cash flows and to make the sites financially viable there are applications like:
Mint: This application has found ways to administer the finances online in a convenient way. It will check the accounts and track your budgets.
Freshbooks: This app provides an easier platform to raise online invoices for the clients within the time specified and also facilitate collection of payment through Paypal.
2. Presentations:
This is a kind of apps that is ruled by the phrase “First Impression is the last impression”. In this application one can present his idea, his thought, his believe visually and make the things in their favour. This kind of app is gaining popularity in corporate sector where everything needs to be discussed at various levels to get it executed and describing the idea again and again can sometimes lose its vision so presenting the thought through various presentation is the most suitable technique.
One of the apps is Animoto: Animoto is an application which will turn user’s pictures and videos into imaginary mode and animate them to form a complete video trailer. It is capable of producing visual effects on widescreen format with music effect.
Another presentation app is 280Slides: This application can create beautiful slide presentations. It is unique in its own way because it contains all the desktop qualities.…...

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