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Weekly Progress Report Template

Submit your Learning Team’s weekly progress report to the facilitator at the end of Weeks Two, Three, and Four. Use the following template and answer the questions as a team. Your team may answer either in bullet or paragraph form as long as the questions are answered.

Learning Team¬¬¬¬¬¬__________________A________________ Week ________2________

1. What did the team plan to do this week?
For this week, we each established what we were going to contribute to the final project. Alyssa Noriega committed to focus on the anticipated effects of this technology on health care as well as formatting resources.

2. What is the team planning to do next week?
We will all communicate with each other as well as work on our key points and rough draft for week 5.

3. Provide a summary of what the team created this week.
We each chose a portion of the final assignment that we will cover. We also established an outline so that each member can get a clear understanding of what they are responsible of doing.

4. Is the team on schedule, ahead of schedule, or behind schedule?
Overall the team is on schedule as well as me. We will continue to communicate with those who may be a bit tied up due to personal reasons.

5. If you are behind schedule, what will you do to get back on schedule?
Not applicable.

6. What issues or obstacles face the team? How will you address them?
One major issue would be time zones. We have a diverse group of people on our team and we are from different parts of the world. We must all put in a bit more effort to check the forum multiple times a…...

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