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Who Did It?
March 2nd, 2058. It was just another typical spring day in the small town of Greenwich, CT. Trees bursting full of green leaves, lining up neatly along the streets of picture perfect homes. On Washington Street, Jasmine Brown was getting ready for another Saturday routine. It was 11:30am and she left her white colonial style house to go to the local town gym to work out. Backing out her driveway she waved to her nosy neighbor Mrs. Williams and began the 15 minute drive to the gym. She arrived at the gym at 11:45 and worked out for 45 minutes. She did 20 minutes of cardio on the treadmill and then 25 minutes of weight training, doing 20 sets of arm and leg curls. Finishing her workout, she walked across the gym to the women’s locker room. Stripping off her sweaty clothes, she walked into the sauna, finding a bench to stretch out on and relax her muscles. Ten minutes later she hopped in the shower, got dressed and left the gym, heading to the grocery store across the gym. Jasmin ran into one of her clients that she just sold a house to.
“Hi Mr. Jackson! How are you? Are you settled into your house fully yet?” Jasmine asked.
“Yes. My wife and the kids are loving it there! You should see them running down the spiral staircase” he said laughing.
“I’m so glad you guys love it! Give me a call if there’s anything else that you need. Have a good day and it was good seeing you. Take care!” Jasmine said as she walked to the register. Leaving the grocery store she headed across town to pick up her and her husband’s Jason’s dry cleaning, and then to the local bank. Pulling up to the drive thru ATM, the radio began to play her favorite song, “Sorry” by Justin Bieber.
“Is it too late now to say sooooorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy” Jasmine sang out loud.
When her transaction was completed, Jasmine began the drive back to her house. Driving down the main road her phone…...

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