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Anatomy and Physiology

1-1 Explain the importance of studying anatomy and physiology.
Studying anatomy and physiology is important because knowing how normal physiology helps you recognize when something goes wrong with the body. 1-2 Define anatomy and physiology, describe the origins of anatomical and physiological terms, and explain the significance of Terminologia Anatomica (International Anatomical Terminology).
Anatomy is the study of internal and external body structures. Physiology is the study of how living organisms perform functions. There are four basic building blocks of anatomical and physiological terms. Word roots, prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms. Terminologia Anatomica serves as a worldwide official standard of anatomical vocabulary. So people all over the world can have the same anatomical terms. 1-3 Explain the relationship between anatomy and physiology, and describe various specialties of each discipline.
All specific functions are performed by different structures. Meaning the way a body part is made up (anatomy) gives clues on how that body part will function (physiology). Specialties in gross anatomy is surface anatomy, regional anatomy, systemic anatomy, clinical anatomy, and developmental anatomy. Specialties in physiology is cell physiology, organ physiology, systemic physiology and pathological physiology.

1-4 Identify the major levels of organization in organisms, from the simplest to the most complex, and identify major components of each organ system.
The major levels of organization are as follows the Chemical level (atoms), Cellular level, Tissue level, Organ level, Organ system level, Organism level. The integumentary system major organs are the skin, hair, sweat glands, and nails. The skeletal system major organs are the bones, cartilages, associated ligaments, and bone marrow. The…...

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