Why Diverstiy Matters

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Why is diversity important in the work place? Diversity in the workplace is described as the differences that each employee in the company brings to the table. Not one person is alike in a company. A person ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, and gender can set you a part from the individuals that you work with. Diversity impacts every part of the company.If diversity is accepted in a company the company will surely succeed. A company that creates a diverse environment shows its employees that no matter how different we are that we can all work together as a team. Employees should feel accepted by its company and fellow coworkers. In my research on diversity I came across an article about diversity in the New Zealand workforce or should I say the lack thereof. This article gave me further insight of the troubles that this countries workforce faced. These problems included migrant workers, the process of hiring employees, immigration process, and social partnership. The article is called Why Diversity Really Matters by Ruth Le Pla. The article gave me a understanding of exactly why their workforce was failing and how companies did not practice diversity. The article talked about Catherine Taylor who is the president of the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand. Ms. Taylor surveyed many companies just to see the problems with their diversity. The results shocked me.
New England’s workforce is in trouble and their labor pool is shrinking. Companies are not making it better because they are very close minded when it comes to the hiring of new individuals. The survey showed that many companies did not want to step outside of their comfort zones. According to Le Pla (2012),” Companies avoided candidates’ names whose names they could not pronounce. If a candidate does not have New Zealand experience they’re put to the bottom of the short-listed pile. There’s an…...

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