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Why Do Justice Get There Jobs for Life

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Why do justices get their jobs for life? The section “Why do justices get their jobs for life” by Patricia Smith is about how the nation’s highest court (The Supreme Court) really work. The Supreme Court is the center of today’s most important inclines and declines. With health care, crime and punishment. Americans have called for the court to answer the questions to why are we having the problems and what are they doing to solve them. One of those questions are “Why do justices get their job for life?” Some say it is to protect them from fear of political actions of the decisions they have made while in office. The constitution says federal judges in The Supreme Court serve under “good behavior” but, other judges do not get the same benefit. This causes conflict because justices are serving much longer than they use to. Between the time period 1789 and 1970, justices served an average of 15 years. Then between 1970 and 2005 the rate went up to 26 years. “Longevity isn’t the problem” says Patricia. Justice John Paul Stevens, who retired back in 2010 at the age of 91 after serving 34 years on the Court, was full active in the court and the work until his retirement. But, William O. Douglas remained on the Court practically a year after suffering a serious stroke back in 1974. An importance of life occupation is the occurrence of

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Vacancies. This first occurred when President Jimmy Carter had no Supreme Court vacancies to fill. But, President Nixon had four in three years. The unpredictability that vacancies arise rises the dangers for each one since no one knows when the next one will come. The system also inspires justices to retire when a president from the political party they favor can name their beneficiary. “Justices have a conflicting set of obligations,” says Geoffrey R. Stone. A law professor at the University Of Chicago. “They have an obligation to serve their terms as long as they feel it’s in the interest of the nation, and as long as they feel they can do the job well. But, they have a conflicting desire, which is to perpetuate their view on the Court.” (Geoffrey R. Stone.)
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