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Food Product Design
FMI Reveals Grocery Shopper Trends
October 29, 2010 0 Comments
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ARLINGTON, Va.—It’s all about the deal for today’s grocery shopper, according to “U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends 2010," a report from the Food Marketing Institute (FMI).

“Shoppers have gained a renewed appreciation for saving money through home-cooked meals, comparison shopping, store selection, brand preference, coupons and more," said FMI President and Chief Executive Officer Leslie G. Sarasin. “They choose to save money by eating at home but they also believe, overwhelmingly, that the food they eat at home is healthier than eating away from home. It is clear supermarkets are positioned to help their customers save money and help them make healthier choices when it comes to food."

According to the FMI report, shoppers are spending an average of $99.90 weekly on groceries, up 1.5 percent compared to last year’s average of $98.40. The three top reasons for choosing a primary store are: Price (75 percent); high-quality fruits and vegetables (73 percent); and items on sale or money-saving specials (67 percent).

With saving money at the top of their minds, consumers are buying only what they need and seeking the best value for their money, says the FMI report. They are also using money-saving tactics such as making a shopping list, researching sales, collecting coupons and comparing prices across store formats before going to the store. Once at the store, they are participating in frequent shopper programs, using in-store coupons, buying from specials, stocking up on bargains and purchasing private brands.

“Purchasing private brands has become one of the most…...

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