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Motivation Why do men and women go to war? This was one of the questions that stuck out to me during the Socratic seminar. It stuck out to me the most because no matter what reason I come up with, it wont be true for every person who dedicates their life to their country. Meaning that this entire essay would only be an opinion or theory based off of the information that I encountered and the way I interpret it. When I think of a reason people decided and will decide to go to war, I come up with so many different answers. All of which can be correct for hundreds but incorrect for hundreds more. Be that as it may, I decided that some people go to war for selfish reasons and some for unselfish reasons. The selfish section contains the men who go to war to get the monetary benefits, the physique of a soldier and for self-fulfillment. Self-fulfillment can be the thought of equality for women, or even the thought of fighting just to build a name like Achilles of the Iliad. Achilles had no opinion about why the world was fought; he just simply fought to be remembered. This is selfish to me because he signed himself up to take the lives of others just to fulfill his sought out legacy. It’s different if he felt strongly about the conflict and wanted to make a difference but in his case he could careless. Soldiers like Achilles disregard the lives that they destroy including the lives that they take away and even the lives that they leave at home such as family and friends just to be remembered as a hero. Knowing that they can possibly go to war and not return the same or even return at all; All for a legacy. On page 3 of, “Why Men Love War”, the author says “every war story is, in at least some crucial elements, false.” Men lie about their war stories in order to feel more masculine and legendary than the next man.


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