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Believing in God Jehovah
J. Michele Jones
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July 8, 2012
Karen Halusek

Believing in God Jehovah When a person starts talking about religion, most people begin to get upset or walk away from you. Many people do not want to understand or know how someone can start believing in a God that you cannot see, feel, or touch. Everyone is entitled to believe in whoever he or she wants to believe in, just because that person cannot see, does not give the other person the right to say that no one else should. There are so many who find it joyous to get to know God. The ethics in Christianity are all in the Word of God. For many of us, we do not need to put someone else down because of the way they choose to believe. God freely gives us a choice as to whether or not we believe in Him or anything else. The people in the church are not called to deliver hate filled messages to anyone, but to encourage and help them understand that there is better way to truly living their lives. Many Christians want to preach the Gospel in a way that makes God seems as if He hates us, when in fact, it is the total opposite. There are many people who walk on this earth, and they are hurting because of experiences within the church, something happened to him or her as a child, been in bad relationships, etc. Most people highly doubt that God cannot help him or her. The true Christians, those of them that truly believe in a sovereign God, will say that it is not easy living according to the Bible. Many people debate that God is not real; however, many studies have been conducted to refute these claims.
The history of Christianity can be traced back to Judaism. God was looking for a people that would serve Him whole heartedly. Abraham is the father of the Jews and Arabs. According to Smith (2012), the long history of Anglo-American perceptions of the essentially Islamic…...

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