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Why is investing in mental health important to your role as a human service professional?

Investigating in mental health can be very important to me as a future Human Service Professional. This is because we must get facts before we can act on a situation. We must ask questions and get answers. My client could have a history of suicide attempts and this would be very important when trying to find the best way to provide help. In mental health there are many questions such as what is my client’s diagnosis? Do they take certain medications to help this? As a human service professional I want to know all I can about my client and their needs. I need to investigate about the community, culture, background, family and friends. All of this plays a big role in how successful the client will be. Investigating and getting all the facts is very important in any profession you do.
We need to know how to ask the right questions. We do this so we can get all of the information we need and to not leave anything important out. This would also help to save time instead of forgetting something and having to go ask more questions.
As a Service Professional we will see many different types of people such as people with diseases, mental illness, suicide attempts, poverty, and children coming from bad homes. We must know how to handle every situation because none will be alike. By investigating and asking questions we can find the right situations to suit the needs of the client.…...

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