Why I Decide to Go Back to College

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‘’ Bachata’’

The history of bachata is the history of the Dominican Republic.

With the death of Rafael Trujillo in 1961, the music then often called

Bolero campesino,” made its way to the capital of Santo Domingo along with a

Multitude of countryside campensinos that had been living in squalor during

The dictator’ s reign. Most of those familiar with the word “Bachata” know it is

Popular musical genre from the Dominican Republic but before it came to be

Used refer to a genre of music it meant “fiesta del patio” (party in the backyard)

All friends, family get together to eat to have a good time. They drink and play guitar

Music peacefully, but lets not forget the most important parts dancing.

It was in the 1961 that bachata came to life with the voice of Jose Manuel Calderon

He is call the “father of Bachata” butwhen Blas Duran came to along he simplified

The music, making it easier for dancers and added electric guitar to this song

“Consejos a las mujeres” and he became a huge hit, paving the road to bachata’s

Acceptance by much wider segment of the population. Later Juan Luis Guerra

A Dominican born, Berkley educated musician made bachata widely know and

Accepted with his album “ Bachata Rosa”. Juan Luis Guerra is a master of music

Although he is not regarded among bachata musicians as a true bachatero, he

Did however play an important part in internationalizing the word and music

Because of his wide appeal and great songs and lyrics, others such as Blas Duran,

Monchy Alexandra, Anthony Santos, extreme and Aventura played a huge

Roles in introducing the music to the words. By the 1990 bachata turn to romance

With Anthony Santos, Luis Vargas and raulin Rodriguez they focused bachata’s

Themes to the romantic so…...

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