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Cathy Ann Clayton
28 April 2015 Why I Deserve this Scholarship Hello my name is Cathy Ann Clayton, and it is an honor to be selected by the University to apply for this scholarship. Eight years ago I would have never imagined that I would be continuing my college education. Due to a health crisis I went through, which we were not sure that I would make it. I came through with a lot of determination, and hard work. Although I am not a traditional college student, I should be accepted as a student and given the offered scholarship because I am a worthwhile choice: I have overcome obstacles, I can bring a new perspective, and I can demonstrate my financial need for the scholarship As you know, I’m not your typical college age student. I am a 54 year old finishing my education, after overcoming a huge obstacle several years ago. It’s taken long time and a few boulders to climb over to get to this point. Eight years ago I had a nervous breakdown due to the loss of my father. This loss affected me tremendously, and I spiraled into a place no one should go. I have worked with a Psychologist to get through the dark place that I was in, which took many years. Two years ago my Therapist introduced me to a treatment, call Dialectic Behavior Therapy. Dr. Marsha Linehan created this therapy to help people think and respond to life differently.” DBT therapy is a broad-based cognitive-behavioral treatment developed specifically for Borderline Personality disorder.” (Linehan) While working through the skills of: Core Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotional Regulation, and Distressed Tolerance. My life began to change as I implementing these skills. For example, 2 years ago, I attended a meeting. I was able to present my perspective in a clear, and concise manner, not becoming emotional by crying, or yelling. The outcome was very…...

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