Why I Need the People Around Me

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Why I need the people around me
To me, the people around me are to me like oxygen is to a tree. Of course, the tree might live a short period of time without oxygen but it will be tough. I might make it on my own for a while although it is tough, or, at least, that is what I might think but I can do great things with a team, the people around me. I was always taught that there is no I in the team and I value that. Together is just so much better than me because imagine the fun in making a beautiful cake all by yourself and imagine the fun in doing it with your friends, icing and smiles will be on everyone’s faces and there will definitely be memories in their hearts.
The people around me are like a support system, there is someone I can talk to when it gets tough, someone that I can cheer up when it's tough for them people to share experiences and memories with and people that will dream with me when I share my dreams with them.
If I value the people around me I will involve them the way Jesus involved people when he talked, or even when he travelled. Thinking I can make it on my own is thinking “there’s no I in team but there are an m and an e” it's foolish and so dumb, because who wants to walk 1000 miles with a heavy backpack filled with burdens if you can drive 1000 miles in a bus filled with joy, laughter and support. Together we…...

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