Why I Should Be Allowed to Partcipate in Drug Court

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Why I Should Be Allowed to Participate in Drug Court

The past month has definitely been a learning experience for me. The biggest lesson that I have learned would have to be about complacency. Since I first started attending AA & NA meetings I have heard people say that they became complacent. They felt comfortable where they were in their sobriety and decided that it was okay to slack off a little bit. It was okay to miss the occasional meeting and not call their sponsor every day. Ultimately this always led to a relapse. I was lucky enough to not reach the point of relapsing even though I had become extremely complacent. I was comfortable with my job and only going to group once a week for one hour. I was doing the bare minimum when it came to my weekly meetings instead of going to a meeting a day like I was when I started Drug Court. I have learned that even though a job and a social life are important, I need to be sure that my sobriety comes first. I feel as though I was only days away from a relapse because of the people that I was surrounding myself with and situations that I allowed myself to be apart of. Thankfully I had a major wake up call and was allowed the opportunity to take a step back and see the error of my ways. That being said, I want to be able to participate in Drug Court ultimately so that I can grow. Staying sober wasn’t necessarily an issue for me because I was pretty much given an ultimatum: stay clean or go to prison. By being allowed to participate in Drug Court I can not only stay clean but grow spiritually. I think one of the biggest things that I missed out on while in this program was the opportunity to learn about myself. I’ve had 3 sponsors and have only made it to step 3. I always hear in meetings “Don’t leave before the miracle happens.” I know that if I continue to work with my current sponsor and am…...

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