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Meagan Poarch
English 101
September 7, 2015
Why Do I Write?
Growing up I learned that writing was one of the greatest forms of expression. When I was in eighth grade my teacher told us, “When in doubt, write. When in tears, write. When infuriated, write.” Before that time writing was not what I turned to when I was emotional, I wrote merely because it was required of me to pass my classes. It took me quite some time before I realized that writing was really the greatest way to release all my emotions and put myself at ease.
The first time I really took the advice of my teacher was when I was sixteen years old dealing with the most devastating hardship life had thrown away. At sixteen years old I was dealing with the loss of my first best friend, my biggest inspiration, my mother. Being only sixteen years of age and never having dealt with the loss of a loved one prior I felt lost with no where to turn to. I did not want to trouble others with my personal problems, so instead of turning to people to voice my feelings I turned to my writing to express my innermost thoughts.
By putting everything I was feeling down on paper, it helped me through the pain and suffering that I was going through at that point in time. I initially wrote down everything that was happening and all of the emotions I was feeling in hopes of someday helping another person going through what I was going through and found that writing became my own form of therapy, it allowed me to talk about all my problems instead of bottling them inside in fear of upsetting somebody else.

I had never felt so at peace in my life until the day that I started writing down and documenting my life. It brings me great satisfaction to know that one day my writing may be able to help someone else and bring them the clarity that I have received myself. Writing is…...

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