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Carmen Ramirez
Dr. Lee
English 1302- 7:30 am
August 5, 2014
The Smallest Things Can Make A Difference I have chosen to study “Post-Its (Notes on Marriage)” by Winnie Holzman and Paul Dooley. This is a short drama in which a man and a woman go through some ups and downs in their relationship and it is being told by the post-it notes they left for each other. I believe this piece of literature is important because it shows the little details in a person’s life and how they add up together. It is a great example in how such few little details can add up to how much you love someone. I have chosen this because I enjoy drama, character development, and it’s ending. This is a drama that may seem “basic” but it holds so much depth in it when it is given complete attention. This text is also extremely relatable because the characters are referred to as “man” and “woman”. Therefore, it can be anyone, which allows the text to become more personal to the audience. This drama starts off with a cute and comedic banter between a man and a woman. As they both enter the room and approach the table, the man notices that the woman does not sit down because she is waiting for him to pull out her chair, so he does. After she is seated, the man stands and waits by his chair. The woman realizes what he wants and after a while goes to seats him as he did her. After this, the man reads the first post-it., “Had an early meeting, couldn’t bear to wake you. Close front door hard or it won’t lock. P.S: Last night was incredible” (Dooley and Holzman 1). The fact that it starts this way lets the audience know that these two individuals have a personal connection. They understand what each other wants when all they are doing is standing by a chair. It can also be inferred that they have been sexually intimate due to the last sentence on the first sticky note. The post-its are little…...

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