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My name is Prajeev Tulsidas Kanjiani residing in Singapore. I am 21 years old who is persistent, goal oriented and conscientious. When I heard that ACCA is offering a scholarship, I was very elated to apply because I am cognizant that this opportunity seldom occurs and therefore I want to explore my chance of obtaining a scholarship awards. I believe that an award of scholarship can help me to realize my full potential in various ways.

I believe that a scholarship award will help me to impart my requisite skills and knowledge to the wider society and by doing so; I will also fulfill my national and societal role.

Right from the start, my attitude towards the ACCA course has been to take up new challenges and overcome them one at a time. This is evident from my consistent high scores, which helped me secure the top ranks in Singapore in the following subjects - 1st in Paper T3, 2nd in Paper F6, and 3rd in Paper T6. I also secured world ranks in Paper T3 and T6 - 3rd and 6th respectively.
Hard work and dedication have similarly resulted in my obtaining an overall score of 87 in CAT and 80 in ACCA till date. I am currently working towards securing a world rank in my remaining subjects. My short term goal is to be a part of a financial team. I am committed to growing in that field in order to accomplish my long term goal of becoming a crucial part in running a company. Since I have a good merit and distinction in ACCA examinations, I am confident of my application for the Simpson Scholarship. This scholarship will definitely reduce the financial burden of this course, and help me to focus better on my goals. [T3 – Maintaining Financial Records, F6 – Taxation, T6 – Drafting Financial Statements]

I have always hoped to win a scholarship in the area of my interest because I really want to fulfill my potential of being a Chartered Accountant. I believe that a scholarship would also help me to study full time and achieve my goals within fewer years. Moreover, a scholarship can prevent procrastination in that I would be so committed in taking advantage of this lifetime opportunity. On the other hand, financial constraints can prevent a person from realizing his goals and therefore a scholarship award would suffice the need of accomplishing one’s purpose and simply reinforce the mind to work assiduously within that given time. I believe that I have chosen one of the better careers that give me the opportunity to further my studies so that I can give advice or guide various business prospects of the importance of complying with the accounting standards and regulations.

For the past decade, I have gained certain temperament and expertise and I have a proven track record of professionalism and integrity. I have always felt the need to work with different personalities who can also enhance my potential in working with them.

Certainly a scholarship that is given in the profession I am pursuing can help me to realize my full potential as it will contribute to the possibility of broadening my intellectual horizon. I t can also create a wealth of opportunity from an international level and improve my quality of life. This award can enhance my educational goals and aspirations. I believe that it would help me to improve my ability to excel in my career and I would also consider it to be a joyous momentum. I am given this opportunity because I know my capabilities into reaching higher attainments. In addition to that, I endeavor to achieve excellence in an effort to make an intellectual and valuable contribution across the globe.

Finally, I consider a grant of award of any nature or interest to be an absolute honor. It would be a very great achievement to have gained a scholarship award because it can boost my area of strength, work relations and create an opportunity to realize my full potential of being a professional accountant who aspires to be more marketable in my career.…...

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