Why Smoking Should Be Banned Permanently

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Topic: Smoking should be banned permanently


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Smoking develops slowly and becomes a hard to drop habit when one becomes addicted. Smoking has a lot of disadvantages and impacts negatively on the smokers’ finances.
Thesis statement: This paper seeks to define the reasons as to why I believe smoking should be banned permanently
Reasons why belief smoking should be banned permanently.
In my view, smoking should be prohibited entirely as the dangers associated with the habit are numerous and the disadvantages by far surpass perceived benefits of smoking.
Firstly, smoking has adverse effects on health. Smoking can cause cancer of the lung, bronchitis and diseases of the heart. This leads to high mortality rates in a country (Bearman, 2011). Studies have also found that smoking contribute to impotence among smokers.
Secondly, smoking is a hugely expensive habit. The cost to an individual smoker is highly significant. For instance, a person smoking two packets a day smokes over 700 packets in one year. Assuming that a pack costs $6, the individual would spend up to $4,200 per year. There are also indirect expenses incurred due to lost productivity and in health care.
Thirdly, the habit of smoking is highly addictive. Nicotine contained in tobacco causes addiction to the smoker. Smokers, therefore, do not easily stop smoking despite serious health problems associated with the practice (Crawford, 2009).
Fourthly, unborn infants are at high risk of death or low birth weight if their mothers smoke. Studies have shown that smoking affects the health of the child as secondhand smoke is equally perilous.
Lastly, secondhand smoke is…...

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