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Williams-Sonoma has shown much success and growth within a short amount of time and continues to show potential for future growth as well. If Williams-Sonoma continues with its present strategies and objectives the projected five years of the company will continue to show success and show a fast mass and maturity in growth. As technology changes it will allow William-Sonoma to open up new avenues to reach out to its customers both from the retail sector standpoint and the direct-to-customer approach. My view is that William-Sonoma could capitalize on the new technology that is out and blowing up the market. New apps on cell phones will allow a more expedient approach and allow customers to have access to various thing at their fingertips. As William-Sonoma continues to find new innovative ways to target their audience then their focus is on track. There is no denying that William-Sonoma isn’t working hard to please their costumers nor strategically thinking on how to outsource their items only relying on 4 percent (Rouse, 2010), of responsibility from each one while maintaining the core responsibility. After reviewing the case study, Williams-Sonoma is not alone when it comes to specializing in many of the products that are being sold on the market today. There are many competitors that Williams-Sonoma is up against however, because William-Sonoma values there customers, they value their merchandise as well, leaving no room for chance when a customer receives a product for it to be bad. If Williams-Sonoma continues to show the same values with its customers and products and continues to strive for finding better ways to reach its customers in stores and online then the only vision I see for this company is growth for the next five years. Granted there are the challenges that the company faces and it is over coming them very well. However, the one suggestion I would make to the company would be to find balance with-in the e-commerce sites and retail stores when it comes to marketing so both avenues will see growth and profit from the name brands that are being sold.
Rouse, M. M. (2010). Williams-Sonoma, (Case Study #6) Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

If I were CEO of the Williams-Sonoma I would focus on the e-commerce sites marketing strategies for direct-to-customers. In the first essay question I mentioned the new wave of technology that is hitting the market, our marketing society is moving to an apps base market. Who has the latest apps? What’s trending? Etc… Williams-Sonoma focuses in on products that are for the home, so as CEO I would market to each generation and what works for them. I see the current CEO, Edward Mueller, had the same concept when he came up with Pottery Barn for Kids, and PB teen, etc (Rouse, 2010)… Focusing on the need for each generation. Obviously a kid can’t walk into a store by himself, so the best thing to do is send a catalog or market it on websites kids go on. I remember growing up and having catalogs come in the mail and circling what toys I wanted for Christmas and showing the catalog to my parents. To focus on teens, you hit them by the new wave of technology because let’s face it, they are the generation that knows how to operate the internet sites and new gadgets and soon going to be transitioning out of the house into a college dorm room and then eventually in their own places. I would have to say the direct-to-customers actually catch me better than jumping in my vehicle and going to a mall, walking into a busy store, then having to lug the item home with me. A prime example for me would be having Amazon Prime, During this that holiday season, I was able to sit in the comfort of my own home, purchase all the items that I wanted and wait two days to get them shipped to me for free verses going out in the bad weather, driving trying to find a parking spot, going in a bunch of busy stores, and waiting in line to check out and carry the item back with me. One down fall you might say is, how do I check the quality of the item when I order online? I read the reviews that other people post and I also ask questions to the individuals that have the product, so in short I would choose the direct-to-customer strategy because it’s more convenient.
Rouse, M. M. (2010). Williams-Sonoma, (Case Study #6) Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

When looking at competitor’s strategies against Williams-Sonoma you could find strengths and weaknesses within each one, for example I will start with Crate and Barrel, the company started in 1962 (Rouse, 2010) with fewer brick and mortar buildings however pushing out catalogs and websites to market their out-of-the-way products that were easily affordable and hard to duplicate. Another store is Pier 1, Pier one uses a strategy of marketing their products around the world to different countries. The only thing this strategy does is opens up their doors to a bigger market. Another competitor is the Bombay Company that didn’t just focus in on selling home furnishing items in brick and mortar retail stores but they also focused in on pushing high quality merchandise at their outlet stores and to further capitalize on its strength in designing and sourcing proprietary products. The Door Store is another competitor to Williams-Sonoma, however takes a different approach to product strategy. The Door Store product strategy is to anticipate trends in furniture and make quality furniture available to style-conscious customers at great prices, one drawback is that the company is small and but they market via web site and ship nationwide. I would have to say after reviewing all the competitors within the case study, the most effective approach is done by Pier 1 because it targets different audiences with the three different chains within one company as well as markets to audiences overseas.
Rouse, M. M. (2010). Williams-Sonoma, (Case Study #6) Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
I would have to say Williams-Sonoma saw the opportunity to capitalize on internet growth by implementing a customer base system and take its products to a new level by focusing on a bridal registry program where they can advertise there products on one location without overcrowding another. Based on the success of the bridal site, Williams-Sonoma launched a site to support the entire concept for all their products and has continued to introduce Web sites for its other retail concepts, such as Pottery Barn Pottery Barn Kids, PBteen, West Elm, Rejuvenation, and Mark and Gram. Its total Internet sales grew over 500% in its first two years, and over one-third of online customers were new buyers. The Internet continues to be a powerful contributor to Williams-Sonoma's brand and business, and online sales now account for over $1 billion in revenue (Williams-Sonoma, 2014). After looking at the various website I would recommend easier navigation to each section. Sure the words are there but nothing really stands out and grabs your attention. To answer the question that is just being picky, as technology changes I would recommend keeping up with the latest trend, which it looks like they have that down, the latest holiday is on there, what new, etc… Each product also has personal reviews just like Amazon does for their products so I see that William-Sonoma is a solid company with a vision and using the internet for what it’s worth. I don’t have any negative remarks for this company.
Rouse, M. M. (2010). Williams-Sonoma, (Case Study #6) Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
Williams-Sonoma.(2014). Web. Retrieved from…...

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