Work Related Project Analysis

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Work Related Project Analysis, Part 1

Work Related Project Analysis, Part 1
System Analysis is a formal investigation that is done to help someone or a company to make better choices than what might have been made without a specific system (Principia Cybernetica Web, n.d.) . Included within a system analysis is identifying the underlying issue or the chief of complaint that is made by the client or person. Assessment of the problems and alternative methods are made which can include risks and benefits of the alternative methods. The risks and benefits must be considered so that the client and the developer are able to make a choice from the different methods of improvement (Principia Cybernetica Web, n.d.). System analysis is typically used in directing decision making in personal and business plans, development and other services.
In the case study of The Reliable Pharmaceuticals Service that is located in the Systems Analysis E-Book which is written by John W. Satzinger, Robert B. Jackson and Stephen D. Burd is a company that offers pharmacy services to health-care delivery organizations that are unable to have their own pharmacy within their company (Satzinger, Jackson, & Burd, n.d.). The Reliable Pharmaceutical Service provides service to nursing homes, hospitals and residential rehabilitation facilities (Satzinger, Jackson, & Burd, n.d.) . The medical facilities are able to place telephone orders to the pharmaceutical Service Company and have it delivered to the facility. A lot of the facilities have orders that are standing orders which mean that the facilities will constantly get these orders every month until they cancel the orders (Satzinger, Jackson, & Burd, n.d.). Reliable Pharmaceutical Service has been around since 1975 in which the business was started in Albuquerque, New Mexico (Satzinger, Jackson, & Burd, n.d.).…...

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