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Working computers study

Working Computers should move forward with the $18 million investment. The reason and recommendation to move forward with Bernoulli investment is given because it would be beneficial to the company and produce higher revenues as opposed to not making an investment.
Some aspects against the decision of the investment, Stewart Workman feels the Bernoulli Device is a burden on the company, and it’s not producing enough sales and thereby feels that the company is losing funding. Stewart Workman feels the current funds could go to other investments in the company that would be better or more important Some aspects of getting rid of the Bernoulli Device could also help with increase in market shares if invested in desktop and laptop computers, since the current market shares are down with Bernoull. Stewart Workman is considering outsourcing the company’s production, which could decrease expenses and increase revenues because the cost of production would be less saving the company money. The Bernoulli Device is not withstanding the current market of competitors who devices are more advanced than the Bernoulli device and offer better options. Competitors currently use manufactures outside the U.S, which has lowered their production cost, and this is what Stewart Workman goal is for the company to get back on track, which is a good reason against the $18 million investment, and to get rid of the Bernoulli Device
The reason for investing in the $18 million for the research to advance Bernoulli Devices is because it will help the company gets back on track with a higher market share, higher revenues, and increased cost of goods sold. New innovations are being done to enhance the device. Current employees are working on upgrades, and interface software where these upgrades will make the Bernoulli Device better and able to beat…...

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