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“Working in Teams” Video Analysis
Effective Team or Not
The three characteristics of effective team work
The first characteristic of effective teams is that the team members should agree to come up with a goal and make some actions to achieve the goal. This characteristic is evident in forming storming and norming stages of team development. When team member come together, know each other and understand each other’s efforts for team work. They set up a common goal and all agree to pay their efforts on it. This like an agreement that make members willing to be satisfied with the common purpose and willing to take action to get the goal.
The second characteristic is mutual accountable. Each member of the team should be accountable to their performance for meeting their goal and their attitude to each other. They are responsible to be honest and work-hard in their team. The third characteristic is a team culture about trust and cooperation. The members of the team may have different culture, different habit, and different thoughts. These people come up with a team so that they need to be an organization and they need to know how to cooperate with others. Within a team, diversity ideas and opinions are great, that means the team work will be more perfect. But also each member should know how to respect other people and how express themselves in more efficient ways. These two characteristic more relate to norming, performing and adjourning stages of team development. (Lecture 4, 2011)
The “team” in the video
The “team” in the video is not effective. In the video, the members were talking a lot of thing that what they couldn’t do and why they couldn’t do but not talking about the current tasks. This seems like they are not willing to work in this “team” and not willing to pay…...

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