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Describe key features of legislation and regulations on health and safety as applied to working conditions in wholesale.

In the Netherlands a company has to meet the needs of the law on different subjects and in this case that is health and safety. Before that I decide to go to an organisation and take a look at the work floor and the safety there, I decided to look for laws to help me decide whether the company meet the needs of a required law on health and safety.

On the site of FNV Bondgenoten, the Dutch work association. I researched and found a list of the requirements a organisation should fulfil on health and safety. Here below you will see list with few important key features for health and safety of an organisation such as a wholesale company.

• All safety precautions that exist within the company must be taken.

- In the wholesale they of course also have rules of safety within the compound and those have to be applied.

• The use of machines with parts sticking out have to be taken care of and not in harm for others.

- In wholesale they could have stock pilled up with dangerous parts sticking out that could harm someone if they don’t notice it or it could cause a accident if it isn’t stacked up orderly.

• The machines have to have enough emergency stop buttons.

- Machines such as packaging machines that run the whole day could be overused and cause a power shortage and the machines have to be capable of shutting down before that happens.

• When taking care of maintenance or electric problems, machines and other electric equipment must be plugged out.

- When the work floor is being cleaned with chemicals or just water, the electrical equipment such as machines, etc. have to be plugged out.

• When the floor is wet it must be notified clearly to others.

- After the work place is cleaned and work is continued people have to be…...

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