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I. Mentioned by Prussian philosopher, Immanuel Kent in Critique of Judgment (1970) it was translated as “worldview” in the 19th century, as Weltanschauung described as “our intuition of the world.” (pg. 50) as stated in Consider by Dr. Weider& Gutierrez. Like a telescope; a representation of our perspective on life.


1. The Question of Origin – For any Theists, those who believe God was the actual creator and shares intimate relationship with those created in his image, Genesis 1:1 defines of how the world originated in the Christian worldview in Consider by Weider & Guttierrez (pg.56). In that first chapter of Genesis it explains in detail of those six days of all that God created. Like (Dr.) Weider& Gutierrez take from scripture in Pslams 139:13 David himself declares the existence of God as the One true Creator of this universe because of all that God had revealed to David; his faith in God was strong.

2. The Question of Identity – As Christians Theists view God as the Eternal One that created mankind other than Gods angels. Pslam 8:5 explains this as Gods children being so special they were created in Gods image and just beneath His angels. Genesis 2:5 explains the responsibility God gave over His children for all of His Creation. It even explains the animals and the earth were not to be worshipped but taken care of whilst being thankful for what God provided for His children.

3. The Question of Meaning/Purpose – For Naturalists and Panthesists, notice there is not an exact explanation as to why humans were created, why they exist and the real purpose of having a relationship with God. Christianity isn’t just a set of rules you simply follow, it’s about creating a deep and intimate relationship with the Lord himself because He created you for a purpose which Judaism and Islam fail in their attempts to interpret…...

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...Worldview Essay People often have a hard time telling their beliefs amongst religion, because beliefs change by the day. In particular, I cannot express how I feel about religion in full detail without changing what I believe in the process. It is primarily because the world view on religion changes because new information is tested. Not only is it that the world changes constantly, but I do not find the courage to tell people about my views if only in the end I will be scolded on what may or may not be right about them because in all actuality it is my choice to believe whatever I insist on. The thought that I am able to change my mind of beliefs also frightens me that I will never be quite right. What I do know I believe about God and Jesus is questionable, I am aware that they are two different people and primarily play two different roles and are supposed to be that way. The bible is the “book of life” and it is said to guide us through life. It is known to determine whether or not we are going to “heaven” or “hell”. It teaches us how to live in the name of Jesus without sinning and committing any of the “wrongs” stated in the Bible. I am also aware that the Bible ends with “The Book of Revelation” and it states how God is coming back, but without reading it to get my own perspective I am unaware of what is really going to happen and the “Christian community” all have different beliefs about the revelation. The thing about religion is you have to know what you......

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...Cassandra Ann Wallace Liberty University Stuent Worldview Assignment I. Worldview is basically your view of the world, your beliefs, your goals, your thoughts, your answers to questions all pertain to your “view of the world.” How you live your day to day life and what you do with it, how you instruct others on life, also plays a part. II. A. Christian origin states that God “The Creator God,” created everything from the heavens to the earth. God created all of the universe, man, animals, and everything the heavens and earth touches. (Genesis 1:1 & Isiah 45:18) B. The identity of Christian worldview shows God as eternal and mankind is a creation of God therefore making them a special creation from God. Christians believe that God created mankind to be care takers of the animals and the rest of God’s creation and angels to be care takers of man. (Psalm 8:5 & Genesis 2:18) C. The meaning is about having a “real” relationship with God. It is not just about living how you think will get you to Heaven, but really living with God in your Heart and as your savior. The Bible and God will guide us and actually listening to how we should live to be finally one day accepted by him in Heaven. Going to church does not get you your automatic ticket to Heaven, you have to believe and follow the Holy word day by day and asking for forgiveness of your sins. (John 17:3 & Mark 3:25) D. Morality is based upon living for God, doing what God would want us to......

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