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Can you imagine not having the same rights as everyone else around you, to be scrutinized by your appearance without anyone knowing anything about you? This is what the blacks faced everyday. Even though Congress tried to advance reconstruction it failed miserably. Most importantly, Congress issued many amendments that allowed blacks to have equal rights. In addition, Radical Republicans founded the Freedman's Bureau which helped former slaves and poor whites in need. Lastly, however white supremacist groups terrorized blacks to slow down reconstruction. From all appearances, reconstruction was placed by Congress to help, but the white supremacists groups tried to slow it down.
Most importantly, Congress issued many amendments that allowed blacks to have equal rights. Although Congress issued the 15th amendment , which gave former slaves the right to vote, the 14th amendment, which gave former slaves citizenship, and the 13th amendment, that gave slaves freedom, they didn't help much. It did make some progress in Reconstruction, however people began to protest it. For example, many states issued a poll tax. The poll tax was used to prevent blacks from voting. Since, the blacks didn't have much money they didn't want to waste the little they had on voting, when they could spent it on food or clothing.
In addition, Radical Republicans founded the Freedman's Bureau which helped former slaves and poor whites in need. The Freedman's Bureau was very helpful and advanced Reconstruction greatly. However, people began to protest this as well. Posters were made, rallies were held and people even passed flyers advertising the "evil" that the Freedman's Bureau did. The advertising would express how the Freedman's Bureau took the taxes of the good white folk and gave it away to theses ungrateful and undeserving blacks. Many suggested it would soon result in the blacks…...

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