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Language Arts III 3rd Hour

14 September 2012

“Whaaa!!,” cries a newborn. Another baby is born to a teen mother. Maybe this wouldn’t of happened if she took sex education? I think so. I strongly believe students should have the opertunity to take sex education for many reasons. Sex education can prevent pregnancies and STDs by teaching safe sex. Also it can benefit those shy parents out there who are too uncomfortable to have “The Talk” with their teens.

In sex education, students learn a lot of information that they probably have been wondering about for a while. Many teens feel awkward talking about sex to their parents. They may feel like their parents will judge them, think they are sexually active, or just that their parents will feel weird and reject the questions. I, personally, feel much more comfortable asking my child development teacher any questions rather than my mom.

Also, sex education may prevent some unwanted problems. A lot of teens have questions about sex that, if unanswered, may result in pregnancy or even an STD. Sex education isn’t offered to scare students into keeping their virginities, it’s offered to show teens what can result in sex. Sex education teaches safe sex also. Wich can be the factor many teens need to know to protect them from the consequences from sex. In my child development class I feel more comfortable discussing these topics with my teacher and friends. I believe a lot of teens would feel this way if a sex education class was offered.

Even though I don’t bring up the topic of sex with my mom, she always talks about it randomly to me just to drill it into my head to do the right thing. Unlike my mom, a lot of parents don’t have “The Talk” with their teens. Believe it or not, some parents feel too uncomfortable talking about the birds and the bees to their teens.…...

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