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Deidre Jones, Plaintiff, vs. Jack Daniels, Defendant(s). | )))))))))) | Case No.: 123456PLAINTIFF’S COMPLAINT | Plaintiff, Deidre Jones complaining of the Defendant, alleges that: JURISDICTION AND PARTIES 1. The court has jurisdiction of this matter based on Rule 1.1 of the Fredonia State rules of litigation and venue is proper for the County of Freedonia. 2. Plaintiff, Deidre Jones is and here in all times mentioned a resident of Freedonia. 3. Defendant, Jack Daniels is and here in all times mentioned a resident of Fredonia. 4. This complaint arises from an incident which occurred on January 3, 2014 in Freedonia. GENERAL ALLEGATIONS 5. On or about January 3, 2014 Plaintiff was standing alone when Defendant approached the plaintiff and forcibly yanked the plaintiff’s purse strap off the plaintiff’s shoulder. 6. The Defendant took off in a run with the purse in hand. 7. The plaintiff begins running after the defendant when the defendant picks up a rock and in plain sight throws it at the Plaintiff. The plaintiff ducks as the rock nears and successfully avoids being hit by the rock. 8. The plaintiff was able to overcome the defendant long enough to reclaim the stolen purse. 9. As the plaintiff retrieved the purse back from the defendant, the defendant began yelling obscenities at the plaintiff coupled with name-calling. 10. The plaintiff immediately returned home and opened the purse to check its contents. The plaintiff discovered the wallet…...

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...Recognizing and Minimizing Tort and Regulatory Risk In this essay I will explain how regulatory risks may be identified and managed through preventive, detective, and corrective measures for such torts as negligence, product liability and defamation. For most businesses such torts are better handled before they happen. Companies make sure many issues are addressed in the company policy and regulations manuals when new employees are hired as well as in training sessions for topics such as sexual harassment and safety. For a Company such as Firestone Tires and Rubber for example, one type of negligence could be Negligent Hiring. If an employee in a supervisory position verbally abuses another or in an extreme case, assaults another employee with a tire iron used in the performance of his duties, the victim could claim negligent hiring on the part of the company where they both were employed. This could be the case if the aggressive supervisor has had a history of this type of behavior at a previous place of employment. This begs us to ask the question: Has the company made enough effort to fulfill its obligation of providing a safe working environment for its employees? As it was touched on before there are measures that can be taken before something like this happens. For one, the hiring manager could have followed up on references to possibly find out if the candidate for employment has had a history of violence in the workplace, or......

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...To Whom It May Concern: This is a formal complaint of our experience with the RIU Palace Paradise Island. We checked into the RIU Palace Paradise Island on Thursday, December 10th, 2009 at approximately 3:00 PM. Upon check-in we were greeted by Front Desk staff member, Felicity, where she assigned us RM 804. Before we got into the elevator to go to our room, she stopped us and said she needed to change our room. After a few minutes we were then changed to RM 1202. Upon arrival to the room we were greeted by construction workers who were making repairs to the room, we also found another guest’s belongings residing in the room. While in transit back to the front desk, we were met by Felicity again, who said she changed our room to RM 817, and handed us another set of keys. When we reached to the 8th floor, we were greeted by a plethora of construction workers on the floor, in which we had to maneuver our way through and around them to get to our room. Upon arrival to our room, the first light to enter the room did not work, there were exposed electrical outlets, some questionable liquid white substance on the dresser where the TV sits, also various holes in the wall, in addition to the sprinkler being exposed, and none of the lights working in the room. We went back to the front desk to make a complaint, and they transferred us to RM 902. After retrieving our luggage from RM 817 and carrying it to RM 902, we found the door open, and were greeted once again by construction......

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...* * * ** * * ** * * ** * * ** * * * * IN THE Deirdre Jones Plaintiff * CIRCUIT COURT v. * FOR JACK DANIELS * HYPOVILLE, CA Defendant * FILE NO. 123456 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * COMPLAINT AND PRAYER FOR JURY TRIAL Deirdre Jones, Plaintiff, by Margaret Smith, his attorney, sues the defendant , Jack Daniels, and in Support, states as follows: PREAMBLE 1. Deirdre Jones, Plaintiff, is a resident of Fredonia. 2. Jack Daniels, Defendant, is a resident of Freedonia. 3. The Defendant regularly visits and is engaged in business in Freedonia. 4. This action arises from a theft and burglary attempt which occurred on May 22, 2000, on Freedonia Rd . STATEMENT OF FACTS 5. On May 22, 2000, the Plaintiff, Deirdre Jones, was Hanging out with friends and relaxing. When all of a sudden the defendant, Jack Daniels comes up from behind her and tries to take her purse. 6. At the same time, The Plaintiff, who is a 2 time Olympic gymnast runs after the defendant, catches up to him and takes back her purse The defendant, then, shouts a defamatory statement. "You stupid b----, drop dead!” The Plaintiff is very hurt by the defendant’s remarks. She notices when she arrives home that her wallet fell out during the struggle which caused her to lose $60.00 in cash and other personal items. COUNT ONE Plaintiff, Deirdre Jones alleges and incorporates by reference a All those facts and allegations in Paragraphs 1 through 6 above and further alleges: 7. The actions were...

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...A. Torts 1. Compensatory and Punitive Damages Tort law involves civil liability between private parties. A plaintiff who wins a tort suit usually recovers the actual damages or compensatory damages that she suffered because of the tort. Depending on the facts of the case, these damages may be for direct and immediate harms, such as physical injuries, medical expenses, and lost pay and benefits, or for harms as intangible as loss of privacy, injury to reputation, and emotional distress. In cases where the defendant’s behavior is particularly bad, injured victims may also be able to recover punitive damages. Punitive damages are not intended to compensate tort victims for their losses. Instead, they are designed to punish flagrant wrongdoers and to deter them and others from engaging in similar conduct in the future. Theoretically, therefore, punitive damages are reserved for the worst kinds of wrongdoing. Punitive damages have always been controversial, but they have grown more so in recent years due to the size of some punitive damage awards and the perception that juries are awarding them in situations where they are not justified. 2. Negligence Defenses The common law traditionally recognized two defenses to negligence: contributory negligence and assumption of risk. In many states, however, one or both of these traditional defenses has been superseded by new defenses called comparative negligence and comparative fault. Contributory negligence is the......

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...selling coffee that is too hot? The broader issue is, should businesses be responsible for the safety of their customers? What Law Applies? The product liability law applies in this case, specifically the “implied warranty of fitness [that is] imposed by the Uniform Commercial Code” (Morgan, n.d.). What did the Jury decide? The jury decided to award Liebeck $200,000 for compensatory damages. They also penalized McDonald’s $2,700,000 as punishment (Fleisher-Black, 2004). Did the jury make an appropriate decision? Based on the evidence presented, the jury made the right decision; however, the amount of the punitive damages awarded was high when considering New Mexico statutes and court rules. McDonald’s has a history of burn complaints from coffee and even though McDonald’s was aware of the problem; McDonald’s refused to either warn its customers or lower the temperature of the coffee. This proved that McDonald’s knew about this situation and makes it easy to prove negligence for failure to warn (Kubasek, Brennan, and Browne in Hartigan, ed., 2004, p. 172). Gerlin stated that Morgan “suggested penalizing McDonald’s the equivalent of one to two days of companywide coffee sales” (1994). This is contradictory to the statement found in chapter 8, Contracts and UCC Sales, section13-861, punitive damages that states “the amount awarded, if any, must be reasonably related to the injury and to the damages given as compensation and not disproportionate to the......

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... | | | |Tajada Anderson | IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS JUSTIN WILLIAM KING, ) ) Plaintiff. ) ) ) v. ) ) ANHEUSER-BUSCH COMPANIES, INC. ) ) Defendant. ) ____________________________________) COMPLAINT Comes now the plaintiff, Justin King, by and through his attorney, states as follows: PARTIES AND JURISDICTION 1. Plaintiff, for all times mentioned herein, was and is a resident of Cook County, State of Illinois. 2. Defendant is a corporation with is principal place of business in Missouri and carries on business in Illinois. This court has subject matter jurisdiction over the claims presented in this complaint under 28 U.S.C. § 1332 because plaintiff is a resident of Illinois and the defendant is a citizen of Missouri and the amount in controversy exceeds $75,000, exclusive of fees and costs. Personal jurisdiction and venue are proper in this District pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1391 because the acts of defendant caused harm to plaintiff in Ford County, in the Northern District of Illinois. COUNT I On or about April 8, 2013, the plaintiff was en route back to his home after signing a three-year contract with MCI records......

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...Torts assignment Completed Assignment S00095482 Word Count: 1,894 I have been asked to advise James, Stephanie, David and Vaughan on any rights and liabilities they may have arising from the relevant facts, considering also any relevant defences which could be argued and giving full legal reasons from the relevant facts. Such advice as will be given is made in consideration of the legal principles set out below. Vicarious Liability This concerns an employer’s liability for the tortuous acts and omissions of employees. [1] An employer is vicariously liable for wrongful acts done by the employee in the “scope of their employment”[1] [2] If a wrongful act of an employee has been authorised by the employer, the employer will be liable [3] An employer is liable even for unauthorised acts, if they are so connected with authorised acts that they may be regarded as modes of doing them. The test is whether the wrongful act may be considered a mode of performance, or whether it is so removed from an authorised act that it may be deemed independent. Duty of Care The general principle is that “a person is not liable for damage to another through his or her negligence unless a duty of care is owed” [2] [4] “The law concerns itself with carelessness only where there is a legal duty to take care. A person owes a duty to take reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions which he or she should have reasonably foreseen would be likely to injure......

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...Dear Mr. Georgiev, I am writing to complain about the learning plan of the major Linguistics with IT. We believe the lectures are not properly organized. We have lectures only three days a week. On the one hand, it is beneficial because we have two days off. On the other though, we study from 7:30 AM to 19:30 PM these three days and it is very exhausting. On our final exam in English we are supposed to make a dictation but, as a matter of fact, nobody told us how to do that. The lectures are not enough and our lecturers don’t have the time to teach us. Last semester the “Translation” subject was twice a week. This semester, however, it is once a week which is not nearly as enough as it should be. All in all, it is expected that we become translators. Furthermore, all the lectures in German are in one day. What happens is that at the end of the lecture we can no longer concentrate as we have studied so many things that we don’t have the strength to continue. What is more, there are times in which we have just about 15 min to get from the one building of the university to the other. It wouldn’t be a problem, if the lecturers were more conscientious. We strongly believe that this learning plan is overwhelming and inaccurate. We hope you would consider undertaking some actions about these issues. I look forward to hearing from you by return. Yours sincerely, Hristiana Sharlopova...

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... Law of tort is a civil wrong other than a claim for breach of contract; and for which a right civil action for damages may arise. Negligence is defined by Winfield and Jolowicz as “Tortious liability arises from the breach of duty primarily fixed by the law; this duty is towards persons generally and its breach is redressible by an action for unliquidated damages”. (Roger, W.V.H., 2006) In Malaysia, the law of tort is largely derived from common law in England. In the law of tort, negligence is the most widely used tort in the legal system. In order for a claimant who is seeking for remedy to successfully bring a claim in a negligence case, they must first prove these 3 factors: * The defendant held a legal duty against the claimant. Therefore, the defendant owed the claimant a duty of care. * The defendant had breach of that duty. * The claimant are suffering damages resulted in that breach of duty. These three factors will sometimes be shortened as duty, breach and damage. Duty of care This important factor of negligence came from a famous case of Donoghue v Stevenson (1932). In this case, the claimant, Ms Donoghue went to the Minchella’s Wellmeadow Café in Paisley with her friend. Her friend ordered a bottle of ginger beer that was contained in an opaque bottle. When she poured the remained ginger beer, a decomposed snail came out with her ice cream. Ms Donoghue became ill as she has consumed the contaminated beer. She could not sue the café under...

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...under oath within thirty (30) days of service pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 33 and Local Rule 26.1(g). DEFINITIONS (a) The words “you,” “yours” and/or “yourselves” means Beck International and any directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives or other persons acting, or purporting to act, on behalf of Beck International. (b) The singular shall include the plural and vice versa; the terms “and” or “or” shall be both conjunctive and disjunctive; and the term “including” mean “including without limitation”. (c) “Date” shall mean the exact date, month and year, if ascertainable or, if not, the best approximation of the date (based upon relationship with other events). (d) The word “document” shall mean any writing, recording, electronically stored information or photograph in your actual or constructive possession, custody, care or control, which pertain directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, either to any of the subjects listed below or to any other matter relevant to the issues in this action, or which are themselves listed below as specific documents, including, but not limited to: correspondence, memoranda, notes, messages, diaries, minutes, books, reports, charts, ledgers, invoices, computer printouts, microfilms, video tapes or tape recordings. (e) “Agent” shall mean: any agent, employee, officer, director, attorney, independent contractor or any other person acting at the direction of or on behalf of another. (f) “Person”......

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...treatment that is eletro Convulsive Therapy for his mental problem. As per the statement the doctor not followed the methods like giving relaxant medicine to the patient and so that the patient has a serious problem. According to the team opinion doctor must use relaxant drug to the patient for to avoid the critical condition of the patient that is risk of death. The patient argued particularly on doctor’s treatment for his mental illness. Doctor was in violating of his service by not implement the proper relaxants medicine. The above statement shows that there is negligence in duty. The doctor must not in violate of duty of his service that is as a medical professional is not guilty of negligence. If he has acted in accordance with his service and with a proper responsible medical person experience is a special art. In this aspect the doctor is not a negligent. 2. Tort law Tort law covers in various areas like a claims of passenger insured in a road accident, a patient issue by doctor negligence. People arrested by police wrongly, and landowner land has been trespassed on. The tort law comes when there is a violation of general responsible duty fixed by civil law . Normally tort law is committed and allows the victim to claim towards financial due to damage of this personal so that it is a compensate for the commission of the tort. Basically the Tort Law involves violation of the duty that is fixed by the law. According to the above Bolam medical case as......

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...TORTS AND CYBER TORTS CHAPTER 12 Section 1: The Basis of Tort Law * A Tort law is designed to compensate those who have suffered a loss or injury due to another person’s wrongful act. It is meant to obtain compensation (monetary damages) or other remedies for the harm suffered. * The purpose of Tort Law: Tort law tries to protect certain things that society recognizes as an interest worth protecting such as property, intangible interests (personal privacy, family relations, reputation, and dignity) * Types of Damages available in Tort Actions: 1. Compensatory Damages – meant to compensate a plaintiff for actual losses such as special damages (compensation by quantifiable monetary losses) or general damages (compensation by nonmonetary aspects of harm suffered, such as pain and suffering). 2. Punitive Damages – Meant to punish the wrongdoers who have committed a reprehensible or egregious act so as to deter others from similar wrongdoing. This can include gross negligence and intentional tort actions Section 2: INTENTIONAL TORTS AGAINST PERSONS * In tort law, intent means only that the actor intended the consequences of his or her act or knew with substantial certainty that specific consequences would result from the act * Assault and Battery: Assault is any intentional and unexcused threat of immediate harmful or offensive contact, including words or acts that create in another person a reasonable apprehension of harmful contact. * False...

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...but which, nevertheless, are still within the call of duty. This court has applied the fifth paragraph to cases where the employer was engaged in a business or industry such as truck operators[6] and banks.[7] The Court of Appeals cannot, therefore, be faulted in applying the said paragraph of Article 2180 of the Civil Code to this case. Under the fifth paragraph of Article 2180, whether or not engaged in any business or industry, an employer is liable for the torts committed by employees within the scope of his assigned tasks. But it is necessary to establish the employer-employee relationship; once this is done, the plaintiff must show, to hold the employer liable, that the employee was acting within the scope of his assigned task when the tort complained of was committed. It is only then that the employer may find it necessary to interpose the defense of due diligence in the selection and supervision of the employee.[8] It is undisputed that ABAD was a Production Manager of petitioner CASTILEX at the time of the tort occurrence. As to whether he was acting within the scope of his assigned task is a question of fact, which the court a quo and the Court of Appeals resolved in the affirmative. Well-entrenched in our jurisprudence is the rule that the factual findings of the Court of Appeals are entitled to great respect, and even finality at times. This rule is, however, subject to exceptions such as when the conclusion is grounded on speculations, surmises, or......

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...Torts Shapo (2003) stated "A tort is a civil wrong in the sense that it is committed against an individual (which includes legal entities such as companies) rather than the state. The gist of tort law is that a person has certain interests which are protected by law. These interests can be protected by a court awarding a sum of money, known as damages, for infringe- ment of a protected interest. Alternatively, by the issuing of an injunction, which is a court order, to the defendant to refrain from doing something" (p.1). This paper will give two scenarios of two different torts. The first tort will be Breach of Fiduciary Duty. The paper will also show how Breach of Fiduciary Duty can be avoided and how the situation could have been avoided. The second tort will be Injurious Falsehood. This paper will also show how Injurious Falsehood can be avoided and how the situation could have been avoided. Breach of Fiduciary Duty Corporation A files for bankruptcy. The directors of the corporation recommend what seems to be a good restructuring plan. The plan relies on maintaining the current business contracts for the success of the corporation. The reconstruction was formulated under false pretenses. After authorization of the plan, the directors of the corporation proceed to reroute the business contracts that would have permitted Corporation A to effectively reorganize to Corporation B. Corporation B is completely owned by the directors of Corporation A. Because of......

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