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Zoya and Sharjeel Are Cousins

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Zoya and Sharjeel are cousins and their elders want to get them married. Sharjeel and Zoya are really good friends and always hang out together. Sharjeel considers Zoya a little sister and friend and nothing more. Zoya is madly in love with Sharjeel and she has always loved him but no one knows.
Zoya starts working for Ahmer. He likes her at first sight but does not say anything to her. He decides not to apprach her like any other guy and do things his own mischieveious way. He decides to call her as babban mian and ask her for a job and sound really helpless. This begins the long journey of friendship between babban mian and Zoya.
Later, Zoya's dadi hears babban mian and Zoya's conversation and she thinks something is going between them. Babban Mian calls the dadi and tells her that he likes Zoya and wants to marry her. He invited Dadi, Zoya's mom and brother to his house and they all meet ahmer and like him a lot but they think it is babban mian and do not know he is Zoya's boss Ahmer. Since Sharjeel is interested in someone else, Zoya's family wants to get her married to babban mian because he seems like a nice guy.
She does not want to marry him because she loves someone else (sharjeel). Let me point out that zoya and babban mian never meet all throughout the show.
Since Zoya doesn't like babban mian and she likes someone else Ahmer wants her happy. He calls off the rishta and end it. He still calls her but now he wants to hook up her and sharjeel so that she can be happy.
Sabeen's dad comes to Sharjeel for income tax issues and offers rishwat. Sharjeel refuses. The next day sabeen comes and tells him she wishes to expose her father's dirty business and she needs his help. The two work together and before they know it they are deeply in love. Sharjeel tells Zoya about her and unintentionally leaves Zoya heartbroken.
The guy Sabeen had her nikkah done…...

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